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I am a theoretical linguist and a lover of Austronesian languages. Much of my work to date focuses on the comparative syntax of western Austronesian languages, especially the languages spoken in Taiwan and the Philippines.


I am currently working on four Austronesian languages, Puyuma, Amis, Seediq, and Tagalog. I also have experience researching Old Chinese, Tangut (Tibeto-Burman) and Nyagrong Minyag (rGyalrongic, Tibeto-Burman).

Outside linguistics, I like biking, traveling, tea, & coffee.



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Taitung (Taiwan), where I do fieldwork on Nanwang Puyuma and Pinaski Puyuma

Ningpu (Taitung), Taiwan, near my Amis consultants' village

Xincheng (Hualien), Taiwan, where I did fieldwork on Truku Seediq. Since 2014 I've also been working on the Tgdaya dialect (Puli), which is morphosyntactically more conservative than Truku.

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