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  • Valency-decreasing operations in Formosan

  • Raising constructions in Formosan

  • The nature of Philippine-type 'voice' and similar systems in non-Austronesian languages

  • Variation and change in western Austronesian syntax 

  • The Austronesian homeland puzzle and Austronesian higher-order subgrouping 

  • The primary diaspora of Malayo-Polynesian

 Current collaborative projects ​​​​

  • The evolution of basic colour terms in Māori. With Neil Dodgson.

  • Exceptive constructions in Austronesian languages. With Eric Potsdam and Maria Polinsky.

  • Austronesian higher-order subgrouping with a special focus on Malayo-Polynesian. With Kristina Gallego, Jonathan Kuo, Isaac Stead, and Benjamin van der Voorn.  

  • Voice and restructuring in Austronesian languages. With Ileana Paul, Lisa Travis, Diane Massan, Jozina Vander Klok, and Susi Wurmbrand.

  • Relative clauses and islands in Tagalog. With Nozomi Tanaka.

  • The evolution of syntax in Western Austronesian. With Daniel Kaufman and Bradley McDonnell.

  • L1 transfer effects in the acquisition of English by-phrases. With Stephen Skalicky.

  •  A cross-linguistic exploration of English, Mandarin Chinese, and Indonesian. With Stephen Skalicky.

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